EVoCo / Basis (english)

International Vocal Composition Contest
Extremadura Vocal Contest (EVoCo)
1st edition


Under the name of Extremadura Vocal Contest, and referred to by the acronym EVoCo, the first international vocal composition contest in the Region of Extremadura, organized by the Instituto Extremeño de Canto y Dirección Coral (Extremadura Institute of Singing and Choral Direction), is announced.

The objectives of the competition are:

*To augment the musical heritage of our cultural milieu through the composition of works in the formats:

  • Art song (voice and piano)
  • Chamber music
  • Children’s / youth choir
  • Mixed choir
  • Equal voice choir

*To project the music, poetry, and the oral tradition of Extremadura and Spain internationally.
*The creation of a documentary archive of vocal works.
*To publicize the music and musicians competing in the contest.

The competition will be held as regularly as the association’s budget permits, with alternation among the modalities indicated.


  • 1. EVOCO is an activity within the project Extremadura y su Música Vocal / Programación Lírica Extremeña (Extremadura and its Vocal Music / Extremadura Lyric Program), sponsored mainly by the Ministry for Culture, Tourism and Sports of the Regional Government of Extremadura.
  • 2. The contest is open to teachers, students and composers of all ages and nationalities, without age restrictions.
  • 3. This year’s contest will target compositions written in the format of Art Song (song-piano) and A Cappella Choir (which may be mixed or equal voice).
  • 4. Works in Art Song format may be for a solo voice of any register with piano accompaniment.
  • 5. The contest will accept compositions created on the base of preexisting materials (text and/or melody) In this regard, we should point out that compositions inspired by the cultural reality of Extremadura will be of particular relevance for the InDiCCEx. In these cases, it will be necessary to cite their origin correctly (text, composer and source; whether they were melodies or texts from oral tradition: the origin, link and source from which they are taken). In addition, contestants must hold the appropriate publishing and editing permits, if required.
  • 6. The works in Art Song format may not last for more than 20 minutes, or less than 3 minutes, at the metronome speed indicated by the composer. Works in cycle format will be accepted.
  • 7. The duration of works for choir may not be greater than 4 minutes at the metronome speed indicated by the composer.
  • 8. The aesthetic profile of the contest in all its modalities will be tonal.
  • 9. Only the works presented in the “Choir” modality will be aimed at non-professional performers, in terms of difficulty and tessitura.
  • 10. The works must be unpublished and may not have been registered, either fully or partially, before the jury’s decision.
  • 11. Every composer may present a maximum of 2 works in each modality.
  • 12. The texts set in the composition must be written in Latin, Spanish or any dialectical variant of Extremadura.
  • 13. One EVOCO / Extremadura Vocal Contest prize will be awarded in the Art Song modality and another in the Choir modality, each worth €500.
  • 14. The jury will be comprised of recognized, qualified persons.
  • 15. On authorship, copyright and management. The contest expressly declares:
    a. That one of the objectives of the competition is the publicizing of the music (and musicians) entered in it. Therefore, the works presented may be disseminated by the entity in any media it deems suitable (physical editions, Internet, digital editions…).
    b. The entity may carry out this publicizing freely and without charge, without prejudice to the inalienable rights conferred on the composer.
  • 16. InDiCCEx will recognize the registration of the work and composer as intellectual property (in accordance with Spanish law) but not any registration made unilaterally with rights management associations without the express consent of InDiCCEx.
  • 17. The composer may not publish the work presented unilaterally without the express consent of InDiCCEx, as the entity that ultimately gave rise to the composition.
  • 18. Spanish legislation will be applicable for all purposes. Any issues or possible problems that may arise, not included in these contest rules, will be settled by the jury – for musical issues – and of the association board – for administrative issues. Any issue requiring legal action will be processed by the courts of Badajoz.
  • 19. The works may be sent, before 1 July 2020, by two means:
    • Postal mail:
      *Send a copy of the work printed on paper signed with a pseudonym.
      *Include a Midi file of the work (on a CD, pen drive, or similar) in the envelope.
      *In another sealed envelope (escrow), enclose the following information on the composer of the work: name, surname(s), identity document or passport number, telephone number – including codes needed to call from Spain -, e-mail address and a brief resume.

      The address to which the works must be sent is: Apartado de correos 30.006 (C.P. 06011), Badajoz, Spain; indicating, on the envelope, Concurso Internacional de Composición “Extremadura Vocal Contest 2020”.

      Send an e-mail to: indiccex@indiccex.es with the subject line Concurso Internacional de Composición “Extremadura Vocal Contest 2020”.
      *The e-mail must contain: the file of the score signed with a pseudonym, in PDF and Midi format (we advise you to also attach the Finale (specify version), Musescore, Lilypond…file used to edit it).
      *Another PDF file with the following information: name, surname(s), identity document or passport number, telephone number – including codes needed to call from Spain -, e-mail address and a brief resume.
      Note: This e-mail address is that of the secretary of the competition who will under no circumstances have a voice or vote in the deliberations of the jury.

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